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Therm-App at the RMEF Hunter and Outdoor Christmas Expo

Posted by Bill Simmons on Sep 26, 2016 6:55:31 AM

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Android Thermal Camera INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by Bill Simmons on Sep 1, 2016 12:25:58 PM

Thermal Imaging Cameras have become standard equipment for many applications. The use of Thermal Cameras is increasingly popular, and today’s technology has allowed for large advancements in the field. Enabling the creation of a high quality Android Thermal Cameras.

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Using Thermal Cameras for Hunting & Outdoors

Posted by Bill Simmons on Apr 17, 2016 1:19:10 PM


The advantage of thermal imaging cameras is that they don't need light to give you an image. They detect infrared radiation that results from varying temperatures, meaning that you don't need light to "see" your prey or the subject of your interest. This is why  a they are ideal for wildlife observation and many outdoor activities. 


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Thermal Cameras for Plumbing Applications

Posted by Bill Simmons on Apr 14, 2016 1:16:21 PM

Plumbing is a little known application for Thermal Imaging camera. Using a thermal device as part of your everyday equipment enables you to immidiately diagnose and detect any irregularities in the temperature distribution. It also makes it extremely easy to locate clogged pipes. These cameras are incredibly accurate and easy to operate, which makes them a perfect addition to a plumbers tool kit.

Thermal imaging equipment allows you to measure and detect temperature change in the area that you are  investigating, in areas that are not otherwise visible to the naked eye. Some examples where Thermal Imaging cameras can improve efficiency are:

  • Locating hidden pipes
  • Locating leaking pipes
  • Locating the full extent of water damage
  • Locating damp areas in the wall or ceiling
  • Tracing blockage
  • Pinpointing leaks under concrete slabs
  • Pinpointing leaks under tiled surface


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