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Drones and Thermal Cameras

Posted by Victor Saunders on Jun 29, 2016 7:37:49 AM

Originally used primarily for military applications, the popularity of drones has increased over the last several years. With their advanced technological capabilities, thermal cameras have added to the versatility and popularity of these revolutionary gadgets, creating many new possibilities. Some applications which are benefitting from this union are:

  • Agriculture
  • Recreational
  • Security
  • Search and Rescue
  • Building inspections

Over time, drones have become much more compact, and what once was a very expensive piece of equipment has now become an affordable gadget in the consumer market.


With the advanced development of Thermal Imaging Camera, many drone manufactures are integrating this technology into the drone, and selling it as a package, but the cost is prohibitive for most consumers.



While possible, the integration of high quality Thermal Imaging Camera on drones is not always an easy task. Many thermal cameras are large in size, costly, and don’t offer all the features required to transmit videos and pictures to the ground.

For those tech savvy individuals who don’t want to spend a fortune and who like the idea of retrofitting a solution themselves, there are a few interesting options.

Important parameters for thermal camera integration success include size, weight, resolution, streaming options, (real live footage options), and long range detection capabilities. Right now, there are only a few thermal cameras which can actually provide the necessary tools for this combination to be truly successful.


One such high end thermal integration solution for drones is the Therm-App®, providing users with an incredible 384*288 pixels resolution. It is an ultra-compact thermal device which includes all the necessities to bring you a high quality image from the sky. If you want to explore this and other innovative thermal solutions for consumer applications, check out Therm-App here today.

Therm-App® was developed by Opgal® Optronic Industries, a world leader in Thermal Imaging cameras and advanced electro-optical technologies. The Therm-App® transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal device. It combines the power of a fully functional thermal camera with the mobility, processing power, display capabilities, and advanced features provided by smartphones today. There is currently no other android thermal device with the image quality the Therm-App® provides.



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