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Thermal Cameras for FireFighters

Posted by Victor Saunders on May 31, 2016 6:43:09 AM

Thermal cameras  for fire fighters is a must. Helping them to see through smoke, darkness, and other visual barriers that normally make their jobs extremely difficult and dangerous.

Technology has come a long way and along the way, thermal imaging devices have gotten smaller and more technically advanced. One of the latest and most exciting in the field of thermography is the introdution of thermal cameras that are based on mobile platforms, such as Android and Linux. These advances allow firefighters to use them as a handheld device, or even mount them on their helmets. Some of the devices even offer live video streaming, allowing fire fighters to share information in real-time, hence improving their effectivness as a team. 

What used to be an extremely expensive piece of equipment, has nowadays become much more affordable. The popularity of thermal imaging devices is increasing, and  for firefighters they are becoming standard issue equipment.  This is particularly true in the United States, where the government provides grants to all fire departments in order to purchase at least one thermal device per department.




Infared imaging enables firefighters to "see" through the smoke and locate the most dangerous hot spots in these dangerous environments.

Applications for firefighters using thermal imaging devices include locating and rescuing people who are trapped either under debris or in places where there is a lot of smoke and visibility is poor or nonexistent. Other examples of thermal imaging applications in firefighting include:

  • Identifying smoldering fires inside walls
  • Detecting overheating electrical wiring
  • Identifying hot spots
  • Sizing up the fire

 There is no question, that when used by firefighters, thermal devices can be a vital and even lifesaving assets to every fire department. This device is proven to save millions of dollars per year in damage prevention. Even more importantly is the potential for saved lives, both human and animal.


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