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Thermal Cameras For Search and Rescue Operations

Posted by Victor Saunders on Apr 17, 2016 10:23:29 AM

How can a Thermal Camera help in Search and Rescue Operations?

Search and rescue operations are extremely complex, and often need to be conducted in harsh environments or hostile conditions. Taking advantge of the latest thermal imaging camera technology can assist rescue personnel in carrying out safer and more efficient operations.


Thermal Imaging uses heat energy detection. This allows them to be used used by firefighters and law enforcement to see in areas where visibility is difficult. Some of the situations where these cameras are most efficient are when operations are done in smoke, darkness and other visually challenging scenarios.

Some key benefits in using an Android thermal camera for search and rescue operations are:

  • Easy to carry
  • Easily mounted on helmets or head mounts
  • Extremely versatile and can withstand rough operations

Following the September 11 attacks, where search and rescue operations were hindered by dust and grit in the air, the US government has realized the importance of using thermal imaging in rescue operations. They started providing grants to fire departments all across the United States in order to purchase thermal imaging devices. The use of these gadgets have become extremely popular in operations where people are trapped in debris or where rescuers cannot see them due to difficult weather conditions.


Each year Thermal Cameras are credited with saving many human and animal lives!

new cost effective options:

 A good quality thermal device was historically extremely costly. This made it very difficult for small departments and companies to purchase them, fortunately today this is no longer the case. With changes in the production process, and the latest thermographic technology, they have become much more compact and have also become much more affordable and accessible to the consumer market. These changes have made them attractive and attainable not only for large companies, but also for municipalities, search and  rescue teams, and consumers alike. 

 Bringing you incredible 384*288 pixels resolution, the therm-App® is a high end solution for security, safety, and other night/outdoor applications. It is an ultra-compact thermal device,  that enables you to take thermal pictures and videos in several angles right from your Android device. You can even stream live video to anyone online. Having witnessed these features for themselves, many police departments across the world have already chosen Therm-App® as their thermal device for field applications.


Therm-App® was developed by Opgal® Optronic Industries, a world leader in Thermal Imaging cameras and advanced electro-optical technologies. The Therm-App® transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal device. It combines the power of a fully functional thermal camera with the mobility, processing power, display capabilities, and advanced features provided by smartphones today. There is currently no other android thermal camera with the image quality the Therm-App® provides. 

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