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Thermal Imaging for HVACR

Posted by Victor Saunders on Apr 14, 2016 1:17:36 PM

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems require regular maintenance. When working properly, the machines must keep humidity levels and temperature within certain parameters, while effectively filtering out pollution. Using thermal imaging helps determine that these machines and their components are operating properly and that air quality is not compromised, ensuring optimal performance.

The practice of using Thermal Imaging Cameras have  become extremely popular in this industry and has proven to be a valuable tool for diagnostic and preventive maintenance in all types of HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) applications. Using the latest technology, Opgal® has created compact Thermal Devices that provide early detection and allow solutions to be carried out before breakdowns occur.

The simple operation requirements and low cost of some of Therm-App® thermal cameras make them an ideal tool for the HVACR industry.

Thermal Imagers can identify:

  • Poor circulation in radiators
  • Discontinuities in pipe routes in under floor heating systems
  • Leaking pipes
  • Poor performance of mechanical and electrical units
  • Airflow distribution
  • Temperature distribution

A Thermal Device detects and measures different temperature scales. In addition, when the device is coupled with software it can create a fast and accurate report of their inspection.  


Hospital climate control is another application where thermal imaging cameras can be an asset. In this environment, hygiene and comfort are extremely critical when dealing with sick patients. With this in mind, hospital administrators have begun investing in Thermal Devices. These cameras give them instant, accurate information that allows them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance of the HVAC systems quickly and efficiently.

Thermal Camera, Therm-APp

 A Thermal Camera used to inspect insulation

In today’s world HVACR professionals no longer need to invest in large and expensive Thermal Devices. Thermal image devices have become more compact, efficient and technically advanced than ever before. Most importantly they have become a lot more affordable.

Therm-App® was developed by Opgal Optronic Industries a world leader in Thermal Imaging cameras and advanced electro-optical technologies. The Therm-App® transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal cameras. It combines the power of a fully functional thermal camera with the mobility, processing power, display capabilities, and advanced features provided by smartphones today. There is currently no other android thermal camera with the image quality the Therm-App® provides. Ideal for all HVACR inspections.


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