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Using Thermal Cameras for Hunting & Outdoors

Posted by Bill Simmons on Apr 17, 2016 1:19:10 PM


The advantage of thermal imaging cameras is that they don't need light to give you an image. They detect infrared radiation that results from varying temperatures, meaning that you don't need light to "see" your prey or the subject of your interest. This is why  a they are ideal for wildlife observation and many outdoor activities. 


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Thermal Cameras for wild life observations

Posted by Victor Saunders on Apr 14, 2016 1:15:07 PM

There are many ways to observe wildlife.  One new method is Compact Thermal Devices, which offer a great addition to this hobby and profession. Compact Thermal Devices allow you to observe birds and animals day or night, in any sort of weather conditions. According to one wildlife photographer, they "give you a window into the other half of animals lives, offering 24/7 access to their behavior and taking animal watching to a whole new level".  

Using a thermal device enables you to track and follow animals in their natural habitat, because thermal devices convert heat energy emitted by animals into a clear thermographic picture, revealing their location and making them stand out against the backdrop of trees and plants that usually sheild them from detection.  It allows you to locate and observe wildlife from a distance that won't disturb them, without being detected or scaring them away, which is why it’s a great tool for anyone with a passion for the outdoors.

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