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Use of Thermal Imaging In Veterinary Care

Posted by Victor Saunders on Apr 17, 2016 1:11:17 PM

Animals are unable to explain to us when they hurt or ache. Many times this can result in late diagnostics when they are injured, which in some cases can even lead to fatal results for the animal.

Using a thermal imaging camera to check animals has many advantages. The latest thermal technology has made these devices a standard tool for veterinary diagnostics.

Animals emit infared heat.  Due to the communication barrier between animals and humans, thermal device for veterinary use has become an increasingly popular application. 



Using a Thermal imaging camera allows the detection of  many types of diagnostics and injuries, which might otherwise go unnoticed until permanant damage was done. In addition to eliminating lots of guesswork by providing precise heat map of affected areas, thermal devices are efficient tools which can help us to learn more about the animals health.

Veterinary bills can be steep for performance horses, and owners can benefit greatly from thermal imaging. They scan the horses on a regular basis to ensure the horse is in top condition and isn't suffering from any hidden injuries.  Did you know that a thermal device can detect stress and trauma in horses 2-3 weeks before an injury is detected?  This early warning can save the horse lots of pain and suffering while saving its owners aggravation and costly vet bills.


Thermal Cameras for Veterinarians:

In the past, pet owners and Veterinarians needed to invest in large and expensive solutions. Some of these expensive devices are so large that they were inefficient for working with animals.  Today thermal cameras providers have a better solution. 

Thermography technology has allowed for more compact, efficient and technically advanced solutions than ever before. Most importantly they have become a lot more affordable.

 An excellent solution with incredible 384*288 Pixels resolution is the Therm-App®. Therm-App® provides  the high quality needed in a thermal imaging camera to diagnose all forms of animal injuries. its compact size and ease of operation mean that you are able to take pictures and record videos in all sorts of angles right on your phone. You can even stream live video to anyone online, including your vet.

Therm-App® was developed by Opgal® Optronic Industries, a world leader in Thermal Imaging cameras and advanced electro-optical technologies. The Therm-App® transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal cameras. It combines the power of a fully functional thermal device with the mobility, processing power, display capabilities, and advanced features provided by smartphones today. There is currently no other android thermal camera with the image quality the Therm-App® provides.

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